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There is no need to create a blog post in Breakdance. The Gutenberg editor is apparently all you need.

Now a bunch more text here like a real blog post.

Part 1 of 5

What is the opposite of self-sabotage?  Self-belief

It requires self-evaluation with externally verifiable data

Name and label strengths and skills and passions – this dismantles self-doubt

Knowing our strengths allows self-belief

Our passions are usually areas that we have developed strengths and skills, because we love them

Self belief builds self-confidence.

Self-confidence leads to self-empowerment

Aha moment: I’ve held a belief that eliminating imperfections leads to perfection. (Not so)

Step 1 – believing in yourself

Step 2 – Evaluation test; evaluate with external data

Step 3 – be resourceful  -3 is the sweet spot; 1=solution, 2=choice, 3=resources

How you think it through is where the power is

Step 4 – use mimicry (copy successful behaviors)

Compare and contrast is a big part of successful mimicry

Step 5 – be(have) intentional(ly) – perform a disciplined set of specific actions (behavior);

Simplify into small incremental steps

Step 6 – get curious – process of seeking clarity  –

Clarity vs certainty closely tied to ask vs. tell and evaluation vs. judgement

Clarity breeds resourcefulness

Fluid and adaptable

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